Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)

I’ll start off by saying I was the lucky winner of the June, 2017 BOM contest. I choose Green Crack for my choice of five free seeds and I received them the other day and have them germinated and in blocks today. I’ll be growing three plants and using my EBB and Flow flood and drain system. I’m using Gen. Hydro. nutrients and will have them in five gallon pots. Three days ago I placed the three seeds into a folded wet paper towel placed in a zip lock baggie and left in a cabinet above the fridge for three days in the dark. Today I took them out to see and they are ready for the blocks. I’m using clonex clone solution for clone and seedlings. I mix it at one teaspoon per quart until I see roots coming out of the block and then I’ll increase it to two teaspoons per quart for a week or so. I’ve done this to every plant I’ve grown by either seed or clone and have had great success. Once the roots are about one inch out of the block I’ll be putting them into the ebb and flow system. I’m also running a heating pad. Hopefully I’ll have pictures of something poking it’s head out in a couple days.
Here are the seeds

Seeds after three days

Into the blocks


Yay, a new journal to follow! That is awesome that you won the seeds too. :clap::clap::clap:


It is a win win


This looks like a great start. Looks like you have the same humidome and heating pad that I purchased! Excited to follow this, as I’m still on my first grow.

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Awesome! I am looking forward to watching and reading all about your GC babies!

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Even though I’m a “dirt farmer” I’m looking forward to following your progress. Your details are well written & easy to understand. I’m wishing you a wonderful grow with a plentiful harvest :blush:


Eager to follow along, looking well organized and bound to be successful. I have some GC beans also!!

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I’m limiting this grow to three plants because I had six in the flowering room and that was to much. I stressed the plants from over crowding and had a smaller yield. I have three Gold Leaf in the flowering room now. Two will be harvested in two to three weeks which are on the ebb and flow system and the one is in soil is only in day five of flowering and looks great. Here’s a picture of my Gold Leaf soil plant in a ten gallon pot @SmoknGranny .


WOW Doooode she’s a beauty, a one in a million girl!!

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Keep me posted that’s a strain I want to try :wink:


I’m loving that Chronic Widow and I have high hopes for this one also.


The chronic widow is killer 10x :+1:t2:


I couldn’t put her into flower until I harvested four of the six plants that were in flower. I kept topping her to keep the height down and you can see what that did. One bushy girl.


It’s sad because there’s not one that I like more than the other team training ground 10 of the 13 I have getting ready to start three more soon


Blueberry & super silver haze


Awesome! Can you give me height and width for that pot please? I’m limited to outdoor grow in pots/bags only. But one can learn and get ideas from all types of grow😊

The height is 12" and the dia. is 17". @SmoknGranny

Thanks for the info :blush:

It’s been two days since I put them into the blocks so day five since I starting them They started showing themselves yesterday and I probably pushed the middle one a little deeper into the block but you can see her head showing. :grin:


Can’t wait to see you grow these bro
I just potted a few gl as well I hope mine grow as nice as yours lol