Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow

I started germinating the seeds on Feb.9th and by the 14th I was putting them into blocks. I put the blocks with a mild nutrient solution into a heated covered tray under a 250watt Hortilux Blue Metal Halide bulb for 10 days until roots came through the bottom of the block. At that time I placed them into the Hydroponics system I made. The larger tote is a 64 quart and the smaller is a 15 quart. It’s a fill and drain system that I’ve been using for only about 5 months. I’m totally new to growing and this is really my second grow. I’m not new to smoking as I’ve done it now for about 45 years. Feb.24th was the first day in the system and I’ll try to post pictures at one week intervals.
This picture was taken on Feb.15th






Might want to cover the sides of the tubs to stop the light getting to the nute solution…you could end up with algae.
I like the set up though.


Thanks for the tip. Algae does form and I change the nutrients and clean the totes about once a week.


I’m jealous your chronic widows bigger than mine lol keep up the good work looks great

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I currently have two plants in the last weeks of Bloom. G13 is one and THC Snow is the other. Once those are done the two babies will be going into the grow room.


I just topped the GSC. The CW won’t be ready for a day or so. l’ll be super cropping these trying to keep them under three feet but bushy.

You can see in one of my plants the way super cropping will cause the stock to become very large.


I advise you to super cropping or bend down and tie with wires the Girls scout cookies before and few days after switch to 12/12 . In same growth parameters the g.s.c. strech more than Cronic widow. See my plants


First picture is G.s.c
Second cronic

Looking awesome, I’ll be bending them as soon as I can. Once the GSC starts to recover from topping it I’ll work on keeping the plant as low as possible. I’m going to be building a new grow room to fit three large plants. Pictures from earlier,


Yes.good friend.
Remember a special look during 12/12 strecht

I had some blue painters tape and some black spray paint hanging around so yesterday I did two of the totes in the flower room. I’ll bet I have less algae. Thanks again


What’s your reasoning behind using so many clay Pebbles…? that plant would be the same size in a six inch net cup with a lot less Pebbles… just trying to figure out your reasoning for all the wasted space… :wink:
That’s a beautiful plant though…
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I’ve had two harvest now and being new to growing I’m still learning. My first two were done in the same size totes but I used pea stone for a medium. Let me tell you it was very heavy. l disconnect the pump from the top tote when I’m cleaning and changing the nutrients in the bottom one. Those first two harvest had a root system that filled the pea stones solid inside the tote and they now sit in my yard. I thought I might need a bigger tote lol. For my first grow I ended with 11-12 oz from one plant and about 10 from the other. The top inch doesn’t get wet. Here’s the simple system I made using a fill and drain kit.


That makes more sense to me now because it’s an ebb n flow system. … I thought you were doing dwc… now I understand your system and if it’s working then don’t change it… :wink:

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Looks great!
Just out of curiosity how often do you water? I’ve always done dwc or a form of…but your systems looks real cool and seems to be doing a great job!
Can I also ask what size flowering room do you have and what light are you using for flower? Again just out of curiosity.

On the 12hr schedule I feed 6 times for 15 mins each feeding. First feeding when the lights come on and last feeding 15 mins before lights shut off. The room in the picture is about 4x4x84 and my other room is an old sauna room at 4x5x84. The smaller room will be my starter room and the sauna’s going to be dismantled to make room for a new room that will be about 4x10x84. I’m running 1000 watt Hortilux super hps in each room. They’re both air cooled and both rooms have a charcoal filter for the smell and co2 bags hanging. I’m retired now and have plenty of time to make sure the ppm and ph are right where they should be. I check all totes twice a day if possible. I find that every time I check I have to add water due to evaporation and feeding. The ppm level increases by 100 points or so in just 8 hrs. If you don’t check your ppm often you’ll end up burning your plant; keep the ppm level on the low side of the scale. I use General Hydroponics nutrients and go by this chart.

Maybe now that I’ve covered the sides I won’t have to change the nutrients as often.


Not the right picture, I’ll get the right one shortly. Sorry

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Here’s the right one for circulating system.

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Let me try this one more time. Color pictures are the wrong ones.


No wonder you manged 10-12 Oz per plant …sounds like your doing everything spot on…wish I had that kind of time to manage my plants.
If you were changing the nute’s more than once a week , then yeah it should be a bit more economic now that you covered the sides.