Gravel as a medium?

anyone use gravel as a growing medium?
Im using a 10 inch pot which is a little big I might get a smaller 1 later.
any suggestions would be really appriciated, thanks.

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You can use gravel but it has its advantages and disadvantages. Pro: is its really easy to get, its cheap and can be used indefinitely… cons: is its really heavy and it can really mess with your ph levels. @mylestrades

hey its nice to see a response. thanks
I want to know about gravel because I do use ph up and ph down so do I need to worry about water acidicity the entire grow if i use gravel?
or can I level it at the beginning and just constantly maintain it and my plants will be fine. have you ever use bergmans nutrient line up? i was looking at the more popular gh nutrient line up but bergmans is much more affordable and looks a lot simpler to use instead of the multiple different solutions. any response / advice is appreciated. thanks

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This is what concerns me. I read this online.

Gravel can change the pH of the water moving through the system. Both hydroponics and aquaponics rely on fairly narrow pH ranges for optimum nutrient availability. Gravel can change that pH depending on the parent rock material. Some types of rock will chemically react with the water enough to raise the pH levels far higher than they should be. Sometimes, that swing cannot be corrected even with acidifiers. If your water source is also alkaline, that single problem can virtually guarantee your pH would never be where it should be. Or it will cost a lot to fix it. On the other hand, if your water source happens to be slightly acidic, that gravel can provide built-in correction. So it pays to know your water’s natural pH and then work from that basis as you select your growing media. And finally, gravel has no water holding ability.

So from what I’m understanding about this it depends on how acidic or alkaline your water is. Also rinse the gravel really well… I would monitor it closely if you try it out. Honestly, I love the growstones made from recycled glass. Sad thing is its hard to find these days.

As for nutrients I use advanced nutrients so, sorry I have no experience with Roberts nutrients. I used the GH micro grow and flora for my first grow and ph was a headache. In fact that whole grow was a disaster so I can’t really speak much about it. You can get micro grow and bloom base nutrients for around 30 dollars roughly if your interested in them. I buy mine off of htgsupply. Pretty good prices. Not sure where your located but I hope this helps. @mylestrades

i’ve read a little bit about gravel and i’ve heard things like boil the gravel in bleach to thoroughly clean the stones. I would obviously need to keep a close eye on the ph and ppm levels and be prepared to react the any drastic changes.
I bought clay pellets and didn’t realize i needed about 10lbs to fill the 10 inch pot so i went outside and got gravel from the drive way.
i’m going to boil it and try and get them even cleaner.

as for nutrients i’m going to try and go with the gh trio. and maybe order bergmans plant food when it becomes available. but i want to try flawless finish and monster bloom as well. maybe order bud candy to. from advance nutrients.
i don’t want to make things too complicated.

at first i was worried the roots wouldn’t work thru the medium and the stones in the mesh put to get to the water solution but i think it will be fine.

i dont know if your like me where I like to think of all these things before i plant the seed to avoid difficulties but i think it will work fine with the recipe im putting together.



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I read that the sharper rocks are better. Tag me in when you get things going. Generally I like to keep things organic as possible I don’t use bleach. I use peroxide 3% pretty much on everything to sterlize it. I clean my scissors with rubbing alcohol. I never really held back on growing except in the beginning. Now I am a maniac lol. I just keep dropping seeds, taking clones and roll with the punches. I feel I’ll never have enough room to grow haha. Best of luck to you! :seedling:

of course! thanks.
I will post when i’m done my first crop.
Ive heard peroxide can be used for many different things involving cannabis cultivation.
i’m new to the entire growing community so when I seen the blog i was thrilled.
thanks for the advice.
have a good 1.


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