Does micro matter

Ok, so 1 week into my grow with seedling finally planted into the clay pebbles and I find I’m having ph issues due to extreme hard water. I’m using the flora series and knowing we have hard water I purchased the hard water micro. Well. I purchased some ro water and re added nutes for this. Can I still use the hard water micro or use regular. What is missing or added that makes them different

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Sorry you didn’t get an answer. I may not be the one to answer your question but explain if you will hard water? High ppm’s high ph? And numbers that you’re reading.

I wonder if your up to other options as well.
We’ll get you some help.

I was able yo get a response from general hydroponics they said the gardwater micro and the regular micro are only different in that the hardwater has 2.5% calcium and the regular has 5% so i added cal mag and continue to use thehardwater formula. Plants are doing great. Thanks for the response


Good to hear you got it taken care of. :+1:t2:

I noticed you have HVAC experience. I can assure you you would be a big asset to the community. Folks are always asking AC questions. :sunglasses:


Glad to help where I can


One benefit about hard water is that you shouldn’t have major pH swings. The downside, getting the pH down to begin with. Glad its working out :sunglasses: