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Greetings friends!

I am starting up a new grow journal for 2022ish stuff. Thank you everyone for your support and expert advice last year. The haul would not be as successful with out this wonderful community.

Since my product disappears so quickly I am adding a second 4x2 to have a veg tent and flower tent for a perpetual indoor grow.

Set up:

Two - 4x2 AC infinity tents
Two - 4" infinity exhausts with carbon filters
Veg tent - good old blurple party lights (309W from the wall)
Flower tent - HLG 260
Medium - Living Soil (reused from last grow)
Nutes - Earthdust
I may also consider a small tent for seedlings later.

This next grow will be the last run of clones since my supplier is setting up shop in another State and is flowering everything she has. I am grabbing different strains so I can try and cut a few clones. I have the Sativa mix from ILGM on order.

Time to start my soil cooking so it will be ready for the clones in a couple of weeks.

Hoppy grows to everyone! :rabbit2: Jane




LOL. Glad to have you here!


How do you like the Earth Dust?

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I am just starting it this grow. One of my admired growers - @MeEasy - is using it with great results.


I thought I should start with my soil preparation.

I reused the soil from my previous grow (local organic soil, worm casings, perlite and a handful of this and that) and I kept all the small roots in the mix. I added 5 TBSP of Earthdust per gallon of soil, and being a tadbit superstitious, a handful of crushed fan leaves from previous grows for good juju.

Mixed it well and then used my handy dandy sprayer to moisten and mix some more. It took about a gallon of dechorinated tap water for 3 gallons of soil.

Next I refilled a previously used fabric grow bag (washed in the delicate cycle).

As you can see there is left over soil - probably due to compaction over time of the old soil. I put that into another bag for cooking.

Next to the grow tent to cook. I did add a Styrofoam layer beneath the drip tray since this tent is in the basement.

Now cooking in the party blurple tent. I am giving them a bit of light (not sure if that is the correct thing to do) to see if any unwanted plants pop up.

That bunny’s name is Lil’ Bob and added to watch over this next grow.

Unfortunately I don’t have any more dechlorinated water so I cannot fill the rest of the pots until tomorrow.

Good news all my supplies for the new tent are arriving in the next two weeks!
Let the bunny adventures begin.

Always, :rabbit2: Jane


Set to follow along ma’am :metal:

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Ready to follow!

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Here is your tag.

Off subject, hijacking, and BSing is allowed!

Best way to build a community.

But no discussions about politics, religion, or war, Those were the rules in the household I grew up in.


@JaneQP , looks like a great start. Good luck with your grow


Thanks! If you don’t watch I hope you pop in. Everyone is welcome here.


Watching , I’m a organic grower also . And I love the flower HLG puts out


Thanks for the tag. I’m looking at setting up another 2x4 tent myself. My Earth Dust should be here monday.


Oh my gosh! Do you have a grow journal? I switched to organic living soil this past year and still learning


looks like it’s going to be a good run,set to watch✌️


What a delightful journey this sounds like. Best of luck


Yes , I have several but , these 2 are the ones I’m working on, keep in mind every grow is different because of environment and cultivar. So take some information with a grain of salt


Great! We ran out of candy so so have time to read! Last year poor turnout and this year nonstop.


I’m jealous! Not one single kid knocked on our door.


They might have shown up since I handed out jagermeister minis to the parents last year?