Got a question and it’s not a bad one

Have y’all ever had a plant with buds so heavy that isn’t even near ready that it can hardly hold it’s self up eel I do :joy:

it is starting to lean its step up against the walls of my tent because it can’t hold its self up


Yep, most of us have had a plant like that.
You get to practice a little bondage…tie her up!


The same thing happened on my first grow…I did not train or top them and they needed a lot of support stakes to hold them up.

I have since moved to a SCROG system to provide both an even canopy and support for the colas.

Your plants are looking excellent, just support them with bamboo stakes or somethin similar.

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Show off! :grinning: those look great!

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Time to add paracord to the supply list. Gotta strap those beasts down or up sometimes.

Tied her up maybe she will learn to be a good girl now lmao

I use a silica product to strengthen structure. It really works well so long as you don’t apply it while you are still trying to train a plant. Trying to train a plant given silica leads to, for me anyway, snapped stems and split nodes because they firm up so much.

I’m really surprised with how this plant turned out it was looking like it might be my smallest producer buds weren’t filling colas then bam one week it filled out and now every bud on it is a cola and 7 in or longer