Gorilla glue tips

Hi guys, 3rd time around with gorilla glue. These girls are frosty as all get up but the buds are small. Is this typical for gorilla glue? I have noticed that they don’t seem to like a lot of nutrients. Ocean forest soil, recharge and a bit of bud swell is all I use. Any tips to increase weight would be appreciated!

@Lifetree welcome to ILGM! Sounds like a light issue. Pictures in normal lighting would help. As well as the type of light you have. More than happy to help you the best we can.

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Hi Covertgrower, thanks for getting back! I sent you 2 images, unfortunately I didn’t take any images of the gorilla glue. I used 1600 watts for my gorilla’s. The first image is of Chemdawg, sorry used growers choice, you would be blown away if I showed you the whole room, yes that is my hand. Just wanted to illustrate that I know what I am doing. The second image, again was from growers choice, was supposed to be cindy 99, these idiots sent me auto flowers and wasted 8 weeks of my life. Anyway just looking for some tips to increase yield of gorilla.

@Lifetree see? Photos speak for themselves. You clearly have a handle on things.
Most likely explanation I have is it could be a phenotype, sometimes you get a bum one.
Beastie bloomz is a good finisher by fox farms it’s a 0-40-50 a lot of people use it even if they don’t have the rest of their products.
Other than that it’s all I have. Those girls in the picture don’t look short on light, so I’m willing to bet it’s just that one.
Happy growing!

Will check into beastie bloomz. To be honest, regarding the cindy’s I think I need to transplant from 10 gallon to 15, which I always do, I think they need room to grow, should have recognized this but still pissed off that I started to see flowers at week 5 in veg, just don’t feel like wasting the soil on a 1/8 of product. Regarding the gorilla’s (just arrived) I’ll hit them with beastie bloomz when the time comes. Have a great one!

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