Gorilla Glue Auto Flowers

My GG Autos are budding good but the buds aren’t getting fat like my girlscout cookies auto. There dense, but long and skinny any suggestions why? The fist photos are the GG the last 2 are the girlscout cookies you can see the difference in bud gerth.


I’ve always found that every auto is completely different, even if you find the same pheno types they will always differ. Which is one if the things I’ve always loved about Autos. I’ve grown 3 seeds of the same strain side by side and the yeilds, bud structure, smells and tastes were completely different. There’s a big chance its got nothing to do with what you’ve done or not done as to just the genetics and Autos being sutis. They are nice looking, healthy plants!


The GG has a long ways to go, so I’m betting it swells quite a bit still.


Each strain is different no 2 plants will ever grow the same unless its by clone even the same strain can amd will have different growth patterns its just lile genetics in people same mom and dad but both kids grow and look different from 1 another

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Same with photos. We get the “why do my plants look different” posts at least weekly here in the forum.

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Yean man this is true!

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Ok that makes since thanks for everyone’sfeedback!!!

My last grow was gg4 autos. The buds didn’t get nearly as fat as some other strains. But the density and number of buds made up for it. Despite the smaller buds I got the best yields I’ve gotten from any autos. Really good smoke too.

I really appreciate all of the advice, and answers I have received this is just my second time growing, and the first time I had an issue with nute lockout with GG. Thanks, and hopefully I’ll be able to pass on some advice in the future like I have received! Thanks everyone!!

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