Good time to take clippings for clones + more

A question from a fellow grower:

What would be a good time to take clippings for clones? Also how well and how long will it take for these clones to get to the flowering state, more than usual? Approximately how many times over will I be able to multiple these sinsemilla plants with that technique? Would you recommend ScrG or SOG style? ; This is all with an indoor Ebb&flow system enclosed room with HID: HPS MH lighting ducted housing with Carbon filter and rockwool as my filler.

You should not clone a plant that is less than a month In “veg” cycle.

It takes 7-10 days to root; Followed by a minimum of 2 weeks “Veg” cycle. A longer “veg” cycle will produce a larger plant and more yield.

If you exercise restraint when taking cuttings, and keep “MOMs”, in a small pot, limiting root grorwth, and size; You can keep 'MOMs" for a long time. I find that they tend to get too big, and must be flowered.