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I see that i have some confusion regarding time frame of seedlings to veg to transition to flower to harvest. I know it’s up to you and strain but isn’t there a common guideline to say they go into veg at so many leaves ect.

on a photo it is entirely up to you, but after about the 6th node which is also where you fim or top them they are most likely old enough or let them go about 8 weeks and then flower. Once you flip the lights, most will begin flowering at about two weeks. From there you have roughly 2 months to harvest.

Hope this helps @Laurap


Ok, so I topped them 6/1 and looking good with exception of one has been chewed on so got food quality dietametious and putting on tonight when they wake. I topped after 6th set of leaves and have signs of new growth. How much longer to veg? I’m

As long as you have the room and time you want to give those new tops time to establish. Lets say you post a pic or two in a week or so and let’s see how the look. @Laurap

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Will do. Same time, same channel

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I will be here! @Laurap

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This was a powerful illustration to me of the power of waiting. These plants are the same age. I switched the one on the left to flower after just four weeks of veg. Two months later, it’s almost done, but the other one is twice the size.


@Lia you should change their names to “Now and Later”


@Lia, if you keep training and supercropping that one you’ll end up with a monster!

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Thanks, I’m a very visual person. I get what y’all mean. Lol