Good medical varieties for southern AZ

My wife has a medical card and our nearest dispensary is 75 miles away. We can legally grow in AZ. Her medical issues are neck and back pain. She says she does like Blue Dream, any Kush, and Gorilla Glue. What are good seed choices for outside? Summers are up 100 degrees or so and humidity is up in July and August. This would be in town, so odor may be an issue. Thanks.

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For actual pain treatment, G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD is one I highly, highly, and highly recommend. It may or may not have a slight head high which is what most want.

This strain is all about the body high. I would list my actual problems but its a novel. Just think of every spine problem you can have and I do actually.

Blue Dream isn’t as good for pain treatment.

Patient 1: Ovarian Cancer…all pain gone but she slept pretty good.

Patient 2: Terminal Stage IV Cancer metastasis through his entire body. Took all his pain away but no head high. Which is what he prefers. Pure stoner from the get go.

Patient 3: Me…to long of a list but rest assured I k ow pain better than most. I get about a 15 min head high and then transitions to a 1 hour body high.

All three smoked G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD.

And you may want to rethink and grow inside.

I loved Blue Dream till I grew the Peach Puree CBD which is now my go to smoke at night. :+1:

Welcome to the community.


Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

Am not an outdoor grower. Someone who is will come along. My best advice is to research those seeds. ILGM will list the preferred growing conditions on the seed sale site, you can also search the forum.

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i have a friend and she has bad neck/back pain and its hard for her to sleep, would the g13 be good for that pain, what might could she expect

@Deal It varies from person to person. Only thing that is common is it knocks the pain away. One I know made her sleep. Another just had no pain and I got a slight buzz with a nice body high aka no pain while it was going through my body.

could you recommend a good seed bank delivering to the usa

I get mine from Attitude Seed Bank. I have never checked the G13 Labs site. But I use Attitude because they have what I want.