Good link for cannabis problems/ Bud Rot/Bugs/Deficiencies

I know this link has been posted before on here but I thought it would be helpful for the newcomers to identify cannabis problems and also for everyone that’s had these issues. There’s a section on smoking a infected bud with bud rot. DO NOT! Happy healthy growing. :sunglasses:


Greetings from southern VT. I have two plants, one Mango Kush, one Blueberry. The
Its been a strange year weather wise. Rainy, but more than that, its just been overcast with little sunshine. That really hurt the vegetable garden, especially peppers and tomatoes.

The Blueberry looks amazing! The Mango Kush has some spots on the leaves that I suspect may be early rot. Please confirm if you know for sure. My question is this, if that is early rot, should I sacrifice the MK (take it down) to protect the BB?

You can see the twin flowers of the Blueberry and a closer look at one of them. The MK seems a little behind and is showing spots. Is this bad?

Much appreciated.

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