Going to do first harvest this friday

Very nice! New to indoor growing! Glad I found this group!


Check temps and humidity.

I’m not new to growing but definitely new here and so far I’m feeling right at home. Only thing I’d like to see changed is the ability to private message. I have tons of seeds and have made thousands of seeds so I like to share.
I was on another forum for many years and gave away tons of seeds most recently several hundred Mephisto strains.
I was thinking about doing another seed run here soon but cant say I need anymore seeds lol


Man that is really kind of you …
Not trying to say pick me pick me Lolol …but I’d be totally interested

I agree on the private messaging too


I agree but it’s not my site

There are some who have the same handle here as on Instagram from what I understand

Mines close but has the underscore after my name I think


I agree would love to grow / get some from you! Really excited to start growing and on a budget!

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You guys in the states? I’m sure we can figure something out

Well then again maybe not…new here and not looking to get suspended because I definitely wouldn’t come back and I kind of like it here so far.

Just sucks because I really like helping and sharing. In fact one of the things I like best is giving buds out to friends. Just seeing their reaction after having super terpy weed is worth it. I swear the only great bud these guys have ever had was the stuff I grow. I would love to tell them I grew it but they have no idea.

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welcome @Voodoochile you are in great company here brother so feel at ease and get green.

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Thank you brother I am just getting started into this indoor growing world so far so good I have a lot to learn but I am very patient thank you for your kind words

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more than welcome @Voodoochile

Got her hung in tent and temp is 74 and humidity is 54% . Should be just fine . I really hated taking her down , she was part of my daily routine.


Welcome. Lots of good info here!

OMG that looks so good. First grow? I am impressed. Just got an email my tent is coming today not tomorrow my first.

I got seeds ordered. I didn’t get them from Rostand Capital. When I want to grow Gold, I get my seeds from I❤️GM.

I don’t know how you did it but, you Mom must be like mine was. Mrs. Dream didn’t raise any Simple minded children.

I am impressed, and VERY encouraged that weed is Sexy Dude. It looks that good.

You need some help getting rid of any that let me know. I am your Huckleberry!!!


Congratulations on new tent day
What tent you end up going with
I got an AC Infinity 3x3 and could not be happier with my decision on that tent

I got an AC infinity CLOUDLAB 844 48x48x80
EnFun FS-2000 which I am going to have to supplement, VIVOSUN 4” vent kit.
Vivian sun 3 gallon plant grow bags. Comfort zone clip on fans 2 of them. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

Hope the grow bags ok size wise and soil if I should get another bag and mix ?

Whats your lighting?

Tell you what. I thought Cameron Diaz look good in “Mask”until, ……. I saw your grow.

Lol nice I also got the ac infinity tent (3x3x6) and I love it
So sturdy and well built

Carmen Diez until you saw who’s grow? The OP? His bud looks so freaking sweet I agree his gro is totally pro

I wanna see the whole plant

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Just a few basic tips for drying very small time grower just something simple where I can understand thank you

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You get a like for your name alone

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Keep your humidity low to avoid bud rot.
Temp should be around same as when growing.
Air flow should be there but not directly on the buds.
If outside or has bugs I’d do a bud wash.
Drying process is done when the branch’s snap when bent.

Usually takes 3-10 days to dry depending on humidity and temp.

After drying use a jar or grove bag to cure. Get a few small hydro meters that can fit in the jars or bags and keep an eye on it.

Any questions feel free to ask!