Going downhill fast

I am making a new thread because my plants took a turn for the worse. Little back story. Two weeks in I messed up and gave them nutrients. The next day they started looking yellowish. When I first posted it was recommended not to feed them for the first month. So I flushed them with distilled water and put them in the Vegas heat to dry out quicker. The yellow continued, and the next suggestion was to transplant them to bigger pots which I did. Another member mentioned they looked like they needed water so I only watered 1 to see if that helped. It did not help though. The one I watered and 3 I didn’t are all still going yellow.

Now I am getting rust spots on the leaves. Which from what I have read is nutrient deficiency, but they are only 3 old now, and from what I understand I should not feed them at all.

I am using the fox farms ocean Forrest soul mixed with pelite. Any advise would be appreciated thanks again ILGM community!


Welcome to the community. My understanding is FFOF is very hot. Enough nutrients to go through at least 4 or 5 weeks. Others say until flower. I have 4 plants in FFHF and FFOF Happy frog on top half of 5 gallon fabric pot and ocean forest on the bottom of the my plants are going on 5 weeks and I have not feed them. I have watered them sparingly with PH water and CalMag.


Can you take a picture in natural light?

How much water did you run through her?

If the new leaves coming in are green, I think you may be ok. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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How much water and at what PH? If the ph is wrong it won’t matter much what you do to it, she’ll be locked out from absorbing anything.

Good way to start with FFOF is dixie cup and flush the dixie cup with 3 dixie cups of water ph stable water before you plant your seed. Hope you figure out what happened here. I always ask @Covertgrower when I dont know.


This may be a better seedling starter. I’ve also used jiffy starter, and those rapid rooters. Sometimes it’s hit or miss with some seeds too. That’s just growing.


Wow thats not good see ocean Forest is to hot by its self i would do a mix of strawberry Fields on the bottom of the pot and then a mixture of happy frog and ocean Forest together and put it on top of the strawberry Fields that way its not goin to be so hot they will have enough food for veg stage all u have to do is water them and when its ready for flowering the strawberry Fields feeds through flowering stage how ever ypu can feed compost tea in the veg stage at least once and u can feed banana tea in flowering stage

Those look amazing. I wish I could get mine to do this.

Is there soil that’s reasonable prices that’s just plain old dirt with nothing added?

I have not had any problems with germination as of yet. I use a paper towel and put them in a zip lock under the lights for a couple of days. Typically by day 2 they have nice tails.

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I did not ph the water I used distilled. I checked the run off though and it was 6.1 ish

Two of hemp seem to be doing better. The third is still dropping and now has stunted it’s growth

Just a word on my experience with my current first grow. I used FFOF on 2 plants and dug out a solo cup size hole in the middle and filled it with FFHF and that’s where I started my seeds. They both took the transition well and by the time their roots hit the FFOF, the hotness of it had flushed out a bit. A gradual change for them to dip their feet in at their own pace so to speak. Instead of plunging them in the fire right away. Have only grown 2 plants so far, but this is the method I am sticking with. Hope it helps!

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Then I’m not sure how others would agree, but I’d maybe clip off the first nodes/branches, wait a week and clip the second nodes. You will probably end up needing to do this later down the road anyway. I’d do it right before you water. Overall IMO, the 3rd node’s leaves look like they are coming up w/o yellowing issue on all of them. Good sign! To me that says they are slowly bouncing back. At this age they will take a little recovery time and before ya know it, everyday will be new beautiful growth! Totally worth it IMO!

Then bottom line, hold off on those nutes. Also, staying in the correct pH zone (before it goes in) is a must too. You have to know what’s going in (pH) so your plants get what they need. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time playing catch up with potential health issues.

But yeah, a note on clipping the first 2 nodes. That is what “I” would do. Some would disagree doing it this early in the grow. However, I tend to think wasting plant energy on faded out leaves like that is a loss when that energy could be used somewhere else. i.e. Healthy, vigorous, new growth!

You shouldn’t use distilled water , you need some ppm to adjust the soil ph down to the proper levels for cannabis. Looks like your locked out of nitrogen uptake, but if you truly flushed it then your just plain out of nitrogen.

I will try clipping the nodes on the biggest. See if that helps. The biggest also seems to be getting new growth in the bottom under those leaves. At this point I’m just holding off on watering. I figure I’ll wait to water until the leaves start to droop. As of now the leaves on all of them are standing up nicely.

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Does anyone know where to buy just plain old dirt without nutrients added? You would think if seedlings like soil without nutrients it would not be as hard to find any.

It’s for sure the dirt. I popped a couple seeds and planted them in dirt from my garden and it’s looking strong so far. It’s stem is a lot thicker than the others .

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Can you transplant into different soil or even coco? If it were mine, I would do it today. Good luck! :+1: :v: :crazy_face:

Fox farms light warrior has very little, I amend my coco coir with 16-20 tablespoons old truck brand 5-3-3 or 4-2-2 and have never burned a seedling