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I am a new grower. This is my first attempt and so far just a few hiccups along the way. The girls are doing well despite my occasional goofs. So…

The time has come to switch them into flower and I am just interested in your tried and true methods of introducing your vegging plants into their flower cycle. For instance I have heard it is a good idea to flush them completely and essentially start with a “clean slate” with your soil…I have heard others say, not necessary. I have heard it is best to ease them into flower: ie: take your 18/6 light schedule to 16/8, then 14/10, then 12/12. Others say no reason for this. etc. etc.

So any tips and tricks you have to offer for entering the flowering stage??

My girls (7 of them) are in FFOF soil, we have added light nutrients once a week (big bloom and grow big) they are in 5 gal cloth pots. lighting is a 400 MH (on 50% intensity due to heat, supplemented with 10 CFLs at 23 watts each). Flowering light will be HPS also 400watt. Unsure of the intensity it will be set at, but plan on leaving the CFLS and adding a few small LEDs.

They are currently in a 4 X 4 room temps are 77-79 day and 68-70 night, humidity is 50% day and 60% night.

They have all been topped or fimmed.

Oh and before you ask, yes I know that a 4X4 room is too small for 7 flowering plants. We also have a 4X3 grow box that we will activate and move 3 of the plants into it when we start to flower.



I switch right to 12/12 myself from my veg schedule no harm will be done and no stress will happen either
You can transition down like in nature as well if you’d like 1/2 hour every couple days till you reach 12-12
Your choice either works
As far as flushing since you’ve been feeding light nutes you probably don’t need to flush them
If feeding full nutes with the ff line it has a tendency to retain salt which cause a nutrient lock out condition and is why ff actually recommends three flushes during the grow cycle
Hope this help out :+1: :v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB


Looks like @Countryboyjvd1971 has you taken care of @rodri59 I start cfl 2 weeks 18/6 then transplant and drop lights to 14/10 then after a month or two or whenever your ready to go in the flower I switched to 12/12


Awesome @Countryboyjvd1971! Thanks for the input. I am glad you suggested there is no need to flush, these girls are heavy and I was preparing for a very sore back!

@Hogmaster thanks for the input as well. In your opinion, is there a need to do 18/6 for veg? or is 14/10 plenty? Hubby would love a reduced veg cycle because of the power consumption lol.

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14/10 is enough for veg but the plants will need longer to get to the same point. Sometimes a shorter veg cycle could take advantage of lower utility costs but other than that it will just take longer. Arguably costing you more yearly by reducing production. Just my 2 cents…


You will definitely want bump up the light while in flower. Your temps are good, if you can up the HPS bulb and keep daytime temps at or below 85 you should be fine too.

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I use the 14-10 schedule as well @rodri59
And I haven’t needed a longer veg time ?
So I recommend you try it out I personally have been loving the 14-10 schedule myself


Thanks @Myfriendis410. So 85 us okay for flower? I don’t know where I read that for flower the temps should be no higher than 75 :confused: Of course there is a lot of information on board this senile mind, I might be getting my temps mixed up lol.

And yeah the scenario you presented about 14/10 taking longer to get to this point makes tons of sense! thanks!!

I might try a shorter veg time on my coco grow…

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I might just do that @Countryboyjvd1971. Next grow will likely start in November :slight_smile:

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@rodri59 I didn’t flush, and I switched right the the 12/12 cycle. My clones are on a 14/10 cycle and doing well after hogmaster suggested it. Remember more light during flowering the better. At least that’s what they say.

@Myfriendis410 tell you what I’m using the promix bx fir the first time and growth is nice but in truth I’m grow gold leaf for the first time as well so some of the growth rate may be genetics
I did not to repot 1 week after sprout root coming out of thevottom of cups :+1:
Tag me when you start a journal @rodri59