!girs are sick!

thinking 2 of my girls are sick, temperature at 78-80f {26-27c} lights on, 68-70f {20-21c} lights off with a 45-50% humidity. Last time they was watered was 3 days ago, last feeding was on the 4th Formula 2: Bud/Bloom 2-4 weeks depending on light and water consumption the soil is still moist not wet. this is the 3rd day but they usually perk up but yesterday and today they are not perking up. I am now seeing purple leaf stems and some color discoloration around leaves is this a sign of cooler temps when lights off should I be worried and concern about them being sick what should I do to make them feel better.

They look like you need to water more often. And make sure your runoff ppm is where you want it to be as well as your ph.


while I was looking over them I notice that the drip water system(water rings) that I made wasn’t actual feeding the water to the line of the 2 that are sick. so i am now working on it to fix it


Yes. Looks like more water is needed