Girl Scout & Gold Leaf!

Well, after a very eventful season last time around, I’m excited to say its that time of year again in the southern hemisphere. Last year being my first grow in years, and one that i would call my first ‘proper’ grow, I learnt a lot and mostly learnt from mistakes… but hey, thats the best way to learn… This season I’ve got 4x Girl Scout Cookies from ILGM and 2x Gold Leaf. I grew GL last year and it was an amazing plant to grow, so i had to get a couple going again this year. Im Growing in Canna-terra pro soil with plenty of AN products, along with humboldt golden tree. I’ll be posting updates regularly, probably every week or fortnight. Happy growing!


The following pics were taken yesterday, all plants are 36 days from sprout,


Looks like a bunch of runway models


Very nice. They are loving it!

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Transplanted into their big homes today, mixed a ton of perlite in with the canna soil as its pretty dense stuff. alls looking good, happy days so far! thinking its about time to top them next week, how far down I’m yet to decide

Root system after 40 days


Very nice rooting. They look really good. Keep it up @BondPacker. Your doing great!

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About time for an update, these shots were all taken on thursday, plants were about 46 days from sprout and were topped a few days before. Left the topping too late but they’re starting to bush out. Theres some imperfections on some leaves, also looks like leaf miners on a couple but theres no signs of any bugs or pests so I’m not too worried. sprayed with bug and mite spray once, going to keep it up every two weeks. Also, I’m looking for a nitrogen rich additive for the veg period, I’m not convinced AN has enough nitrogen in it so I’m after something to spice things up. Whats everyones opinions on a good additive?


I hope I can have pretty girls like this at day46​:four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:

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A little TLC and anythings possible with ILGM seeds :wink:

The girls have been growing like a fat kid on a mcdonalds diet (apologies for the shit photo quality, going to get a new phone in due time) Plants are almost 8 weeks old


After some usage opinions on cal-mag. Using it for the first time this grow, been adding it in probably every second or third feed.

Did some more shopping… Already going through my base fertiliser quickly so ordered some sense bloom, hopefully the 3 part lasts me till that is needed. Going to get some fish emulsion for some added N when i get time, and that should be about it! Ive seen people say AN nutes are a ripoff, and they may well be just that. But they are doing the job extremely well, so I’m happy with them for now.

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how are you doing against the leaf miners/bugs you might have?
if you were to need a treatment (organic!), now, before flowering, would be a great time to dust or spray…

I would spray something like neem oil on your girls and the plants around them regularly for a few weeks and let it degrade naturally before budding.

All seems to be looking pretty good, I’ve got the 3 tiny bottles of mite and mold spray from ilgm, thought I’d give them a try. Been spraying once every two weeks, seems to be working great, nothing been attacking the leaves at all. I’ve got a couple other insecticides at home but before these are out I’m going to buy some organic neem oil and keep that on them up until flowering. My understanding is if you have problems you can spray them with neem even in the earlier stages of flowering?
Also, any advice on the cal-mag usage situation? @kabongster

the nutrient line you are using should have the cal-Mag situation under control but what you have been adding isn’t hurting. They do have their own brand of cal-Mag and everything else.
keep the pH under control.

from what I have read, Neem Oil starts degrading quickly outdoors in sunlight and rain, high temps and good air circulation, maybe two weeks and it’s gone (I think).

Yep i use their sensi cal-mag, just wasn’t too sure whether it should be used as part of a regular feeding schedule or only to fix deficiencies.
Okay cheers, good info @kabongster. hopefully it doesn’t come to the point where i need to use it in flower

Cal-Mag is often overused. It’s easy to add but only really necessary growing in coco Coir or using RO water…it isn’t a supplement that makes the plant grow faster, it’s only useful in preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Sometimes other situations make it look like extra cal-Mag is needed…
Overwatering & underwatering, high humidity, uneven moisture levels in the soil or growing medium, too-high levels of N-P-K nutrients, pH is too high or low.


After 6 days without a water and 30’C temps I was expecting a sorry sight, but the girls handled it perfectly. Besides ants trying to make nest under one of the pots, alls going well.


A bit over 10 weeks in, all plants starting to show some pre flowers now. Id say they’ve still got a month and a half of veg left in them before flowering kicks in full swing. Still have a slight leaf miner problem will post a couple pics below, but nothing major. Runoff ph is consistently coming out at 5.8, but I’ve barely been getting any runoff as the root system hasn’t filled up the pots nearly as much as what it’ll do in the next couple months. All nute/water solutions going in are 6.5, not sure whether I should be too worried about the runoff being 5.8 as everything looking healthy. Might jack the intake ph up to 6.8 for a while and see if that helps. That being said, heres the garden…

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Love what I see here. :heart_eyes: I also am an outdoor grower, but in the northern hemisphere .The GSC and GL are two strains that are on my short list for my next years grow. Keep up the great work and the longer and bigger they get definitely pay attention to your ph levels. They are looking great at 10 weeks, you are going to end up with some really big potted plants there and should give you a great yield. :evergreen_tree::+1:

Cheers for the support @nwinbackyard :+1:
I grew GL last year and it was top shelf, I would definitely recommend trying it. and as for the GSC for 10 weeks its going just as well as the GL so hopefully big things to come. Outdoors grows are a big effort, but well worth it in the end. Got a pound and a half-ish off GL and AK last year and that was after a very early pull because of bud rot, mildew and many problems. So after refining things a lot this year, hoping for a big yield! Keep up the good work my friend