Girl Scout Cookies grow issues

From a fellow grower: They germinated fine but when they sprouted. 2 had the first set of leaves then died. Am I doing something wrong? The temp is 75 and rh is at 70%.

Today at 4:08 PM

  • Strain: Girl Scout Cookie Extreme
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): Fem
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoors
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): coco coir
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: PH 6.0
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): 500 PPM
  • Light type & schedule: 18 on 6 off T5 light
  • Temperatures day & night: 75 F day 70F night
  • Humidity day & night: 60%
  • Ventilation: carbon filter exhaust system
  • AC: GE portable A/C
  • Humidifier: N/A
  • De-humidifier: N/A
  • Co2: 415.61 PPM

We’re these seedlings in nutes? You don’t need to add nutes for a couple of weeks.

I think you burned week.

Was coco buffered? PPMs going in? My experience in coco says if PH was 6.0 coming out, it was probably high going in! Need a pic of plant! 500 PPMs is high unless a well established plant or clone! T5 light…how many watts?

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