GG4 and a Runtz with Jack's 321

Pics or it didn’t happen I guess. Three GG4 autos in the 3 gallon pots and a runtz auto in the white cup. Had trouble getting seeds germ so the one on the left is at two weeks. Middle is a few days behind and the one on left and the runtz are a week behind. Only difference from last grow is I switched to Jack’s from GH and got a couple AC Infinity oscillating fans. Just using one fan now but the other will come out during flowering. I’m using silica, rapid start and recharge with Jack’s and will use MKP when the time comes.

I thought I’d start this thread to contain all my random questions and in case I run into any problems. The pic is a couple nights ago (in lights out now). That’s mosquito bits on top of the coco. I put a layer of DE on top of that and have black sand to put on top of I could stop being lazy. I hate gnats.

The one on the left had one cotyledon. Since that every other node has one big side and one little side. Autos are weird. Probably going to switch to photos and grow two at a time when I use up some of my auto seed stock. Here’s an older picture so you can see what I’m talking about clearer. Going to be interesting to see how this one turns out.


Good afternoon :smiley:. Your plants are looking great. I would like to tag along on your journey, Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Ditto. I’m in.


Lovely. You’re set up for success.


Looks like it’s going to be a good run


Had a little down time and used it to put the sand on top of the mosquito bits. I like the look of it, just hope it helps in the battle against the gnats. It’s man made sand so it won’t have any effect on pH.

I was looking at the lopsided girl on the left and thought of that dude on Scary Movie. Take my strong hand, no, the little one.


Just watered through the sand for the first time. Lost a lot of water through the sides of the pot at first because it all just ran across the sand. Once I got the sand soaked it worked pretty much as usual. I can’t really tell if I watered all the coco evenly though.

Hopefully I don’t have to take that long watering every time or the sand is going to have date with a shop vac. Either that or I’m going to have to set up a watering system with halos and a reservoir.


Was having RH creep up around 80 during lights off. So I put my dehumidifier in the lung room during that time. Not only did it take care of the RH, it kept it 75° in the tent. During summer it got hot in there quick. But if your dealing with cold it’s definitely something you can try.


Put the first bend on a couple of the girls today. I let the sand bury the metal wires I use to keep the side from flopping over and didn’t bother digging them out. I’ll do it next time I do some bending.

I rolled the stems in my fingers to break up the fibers before starting LST so I didn’t break anything this time. Thanks @Storm for that bit of knowledge. I’ll start LST on the last one within the week.

Happy Halloween…


Day 27 (24 and 20) already. Amazing how fast plants respond to LST. I have one well into bondage. Spreading out and leveling beautifully.

Did a little more work on the one in the middle and put the first bend on the one that’s a week behind. They’ll go into full bondage in the next week or so.

I’ll bend, re-bend, tie and retie until the canopy is exactly how I want it. Hopefully just cruising til then. Got a little tip burn on one with Jack’s at 1300 EC, right at 80% strength. I doubt I’ll go any stronger than that before switching the Jack’s and MKP. Probably won’t be much else going on til flowering or, God forbid, something goes wrong.

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Looked in on things before lights out. A lot of drooping today and the new growth looks bad. I’ll look into it today and see if anything is off. What would cause perfectly healthy looking plants 12 hours before to be totally drooped over? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Edit: I’d also started seeing a little magnesium deficiency and upped the Jack’s to 100%. I’m 32 days in and stepped them up slowly. Hadn’t seen anything negative from upping the nutes after a little tip burn earlier.

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They perked back up by lights on. I’ve been a little lazy but got in there today and did a little bit of defoliation and flattened the canopy out. These GG4 have been stretching quite a bit. I’ve started bending the main stems around the pots on a couple of them. They look a little crazy from the top but I’ll have them exactly how I want them before they start flowering and get stiff.


In for the bud action. I also train the same way


I’m just now starting to see a few pistils on the oldest plant. If I were still using GH I’d go to equal amounts of the trio and start adding some liquid koolbloom. Should I start using MKP now or wait until I see buttons forming? I used big bud powder last grow and started it two weeks after pistils.

BTW I’m glad I went with three plants instead of four this time. I’d be having space problems already with 4.

Don’t see my post showing up in the feed. @Graysin what is your opinion on when to start using MKP? Hope you don’t mind me tagging you on but seems like you have a good handle on all things Jack’s.

I use it when I flip the lights to 12/12, and use for about 3 weeks.

I’m growing autos so I’ll go ahead and start it tomorrow. Thank you.

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This pic may be from @Graysin … I screenshot this moons ago, and it is effective


The “booster mix” is for the transitioning (3wks)

That flower mix is giving me 1200ppm, and i go to the final flush with it

Makes sense. Transition nutes is probably a better description for it. I made a couple gallons of the booster mix last night. Going to start it today. I’ll be mixing two different blends until the little one starts flowering.