Getting ready to transition using 400 hps

@Donaldj I know you HP lights. When I transition I’ve read to only use 50% during that time. Since I’m using 400 HP with dimmable ballast should it be 50% or 75%. Thanks

I use MH for Veg and a HPS for flower. If you are referring to the transition between Veg and flower I go %100. I just put the light up higher to start and then lower it down after a few days.
But I usualy leave the MH bulb in when I switch to flower for a few weeks to help with the stretching.

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I’m trying to get when your package to the US how can I pay

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Most companies don’t ship until payment is received. After payment it took 10 days

I typically run my 400w HPS 100% during transition always worked fine for me less stretch was my goal with lower watt HID’s

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Thanks for your text. Knew you used HPs and wanted to know as some say to transition @ 50%. Heats been such a problem I’m sticking w/400 . Yield will be just a little smaller, right

Less light equals less yield in most cases

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Quite a bit less? I was going to invest in ballast to handle 600 on next grow. I’m I stupid to wait? Will yield be considerably smaller or just smaller buds?

master the temps first because a 600w is a lot hotter