Getting cozy with the girls


Took these pics two days ago. Iā€™m thinking another five days or so. First grow. Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze, Gold leaf. All ILGM fems under hlg lights. Tomorrow will be 59 days into flower. Any ideas on harvest date?

Looking nice
Amazon a WiFi or USB microscope, tricomb pics are only way to tell for sure (15$)
Any of them will do they all are the same


Several look to have a ways to go, like @Nicky said cheap scope to know what Triches look like! Add the days from light flip till you noticed she was in flower onto the time breeder has for flower times!

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Just to double down, I picked one of these up last week and they work amazingly. Could be better, had to get the wifey to actually take the picture as my hands were full steadying the focus and zoom. Takes all the guess work out of it

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