Getting Bigger Buds

So my question is about what I’ve been seeing many growers suggest doing. They say by removing those “suckers” (see pics), some side branches along with some pruning (which we can get into another time) will redirect nutrients to grow bigger buds. My main question to start is the removal of the bud sites.

I’m having a lil problem wrapping my head around this since this is my first grow and haven’t seen my plant in its full maturity:

  1. If I removed bud sites in veg they grow new ones in flowering; do I then remove those? I’m guessing not. Right? Because this is flowering which is the final stage so no more making up for anything lost?

  2. If I were to remove those potential bud sites with the aim of growing a bigger cola is that the only benefit? Does bigger colas mean greater yield? Let’s say I got a 1oz cola by removing bud sites, wouldn’t it have added up to the same 1oz if I had several colas distributed into smaller amounts?

I think I will start with these two questions then dig deeper depending on what you all’s thoughts are

Thanks again


The best way to get the biggest yield is to maintain proper nutrient levels and to provide plenty of light of the correct spectrum.


Most of that pruning of lower bud sites is for indoor growing as man made lights doesn’t penetrate very far down the plant, so indoor growers remove bud sites lower down the plant that would not be getting good light anyway. It’s different for outdoor growing and you really don’t need to do any of that as the sunlight has traveled 94.4 million miles to get here so a few more feet down the plant is not really an issue.


Awesome answer!! Lol


Ah thanks for this explanation man! So generally thats why outdoor plant tend to yield more since they get more light work in?

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Yeah, way more light outside and the light moves from one side, to the top, to the other side, covering much more of the plant, indoor only gets light from the top, plus more space, and fresh air.


94.4 million miles. Did he google it, or did he know it off the top of his head? @Hellraiser

I’m guessing he knew it. MIT Alum


Well it’s 94.44444 but he put it simple terms :joy:


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