Flowering question in regard to wasted energy

Hello again all. I need a little understanding about what I should allow to flower and what I should cut off. This particular plant has been blooming for 7 weeks now and is not really producing. Last week i posted about this same plant and many suggested it may have went back to veg. After research I decided to put it in a pitch black room for 36 hours in hopes to revive the blooming phase.

It seems it may have worked. It’s been back on a 12/12 schedule for 5 days now and it’s doubled the bud size from the entire last 7 weeks.

I now am wondering if I need to prune these lower buds? From what I have gathered the top cola is the one that produces the main bud. So should I trim off the lower ones? Here is an image of what I am asking to clip and an image of the new growth in the past few days

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Little clearer image of what I am asking if I should remove.

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If you trim the way you have illustrated you will only have a single nugget at the top.
The top cola or crown of a plant is made up of many side branches.
And it’s not just the top bud that turns into a cola.Most of the lower branches that have already been removed have them too.
Personally I’d let her grow and not take any more off.

Some helpful information. :+1:


Just as oldguy stated. Given time and good lighting, they will all join together to create a cola. This is an example. First pic you can see how the buds are separate. The second pic you can see how they’ve all come together.


Don`t remove anything else, on your next grow use LST to spread them out and you will be very happy!

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Thank you guys I appreciate the advise. I will leave her be.