Germination question heat

Ok so I recently purchased a seed mat w out a thermostat wrapped it around my little green house went to check on it at 5 days it was 105 107 degrees inside so I’m thinking are the cooked salvageable not a chance? Yes just ordered a thermostat grr hey learn something every day sometimes they cost more lol

Seeds should pop within 24 hrs. Sometimes it takes a few days. I usually plant mine as soon as I see the root.

It’s good to keep them warm during germination, but 78 to 85 degrees is enough…

Live and learn.


Yes sir live and learn long as I’m still having fun rite had great luck till I tried something new thanks for reply buddy

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With heat mats u dont wrap them around ur small green house ,you sit ur green house on top of the mat and if u have good moisture in ur green house the seeds should pop with in three to four days


Idk why I thought to do that I saw the barrel one advertised duh totally different