Germination: Peat Pellet Method


I’ve seen several posts and videos on the Peat Pellet method, the most common difference is in some the soak the seed prior and the others they put the seed directly in the peat pellet.

My question is what is the difference? My thought is with the soaking there’s a chance you could damage the seed when moving it to the Peat Pellet.

What is everyone else’s experiences?

Soaking can do a few things like help soften the shell and allow the plant to shuck it off when it pops. It also saves time by knowing that your seed germinated instead of sticking it in the “ground” and giving it a week or two to see if it pops up.


Peat pellets suck!!!

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I had poor luck with peat pellets and cannabis.

IMO anyways!!

What issues did you have, many sites says it’s the easiest method for a beginner?

@SmokingWolverine. I’ve used both 24 hr soak first. And just in paper towel. Both ways work well. I’ve never just put seed in pellet due to possibly too wet for too long. I put in pellets after I have a tail showing and this has worked well for me. Just deep enuff to leave the seed husk even with top of pellet then into dome. Hope this helps a bit. Peace. :v:
Usually within 36-48 hours a tail is showing. :+1::v:


Use rapid rooters. They’re way better


I’ve had pretty good success with the peat cup. I do soak the seed in water for at least 24 hrs… I think everyone needs to find what works best for them. My fear with soaking in water for days is drowning the seed! Just me! It’s probably best to try several methods on some seeds laying around the house and see what works before buying hybrids right off! Just an opinion!