Germination issues have me feeling like a discouraged idiot

I tried germinating three seeds and probably failed, but now i’m soaking three more and want to make sure i do it right.

June 11th (four days ago), I soaked three rapid rooters in regular water. I put three seeds (Black Widow) in them, put the rooters in a tray with some water, put a humidity dome on top, and then put the tray on a germination heating mat under a windowsill. Four days later… nothing. Does anyone know what I did wrong? I’m assuming they’re toast by now…

36 hours ago, I put three more Black Widow seeds in guaranteed room-temperature water, then left that container in a dark room. The seeds dropped to the bottom and I’m now seeing the root start to split all three of those seeds. So far so good! But i want to make sure I do it right. I only have four left and I dont want to waste money.

My next steps were going to be:
-soak three rapid rooters in room temp water, shake out excess water
-cut rapid rooters lengthwise, lay seeds in rooters with taproots pointed down
-put rooters in tray with humidity dome on (mine has adjustable holes, which i was going to leave open)
-leave tray in the dark on the heating pad

I plan on growing in coco coir/perlite. instead of putting the soil in the rooter, should i just put it in a solo cup with coco/perlite? Should I leave it under a light? Crap!!!

I’m trying to do as much research as I can but I’m getting more and more discouraged… thought i’d ask the experts. I feel lost and dont know where to go from here. Everything else makes sense but I feel like i’m getting tripped up on some stupid, easy shit… don’t make fun of me too much lol. I dont know what to do and I’m hoping this makes sense… I just want to grow killer bud for my own medical use…

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Forget the RR’s and go right into coco. Slightly dampened, Solo cup dome, mist dome twice per day with distilled or R/O water and leave under 24/0 lights. You can help the germination process by using a cup of distilled water and add 1/4 tsp of 3% peroxide daily until they crack.

(I don’t really like Rapid Rooters myself)

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Thanks! This is a great help. Just one thing for clarification @Myfriendis410 – when you say “go right into coco. slightly dampened, solo cup dome” do you mean -“put the seeds into your container with the slightly dampened coco mix and then use a solo cup as a humidity dome?” or “put the seeds into a solo cup with coco with a dome before transplanting into your final container?”

The final size container for each plant is a 3gal fabric pot. Thanks again, and I really appreciate your help

@Darlieee I soaked my seeds (Skywalker, Banner and a black widow) for 24 hours in water. Then put in a damp paper towel and placed in a zip lock baggie (blew some air to puff the bag up some). Placed the baggies in a dresser drawer for 24 hours. House stays around 70-72 degrees usually. All popped tails and then I placed them tail down into solo cups with moist soil. All sprouted the following day. I used happy frog soil so Coco may be a different ballgame but @Myfriendis410 is a pro, take his advice for sure. I was just telling you what worked 100% for me.

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Germinate seeds in water/peroxide, once root shows, plant in Solo cup of straight coco with a clear Solo cup for a dome. Be sure to poke a crapton of holes in the cup with the coco. Use distilled so don’t need to PH. If coco is very slightly damp you can provide all the moisture the plant needs through misting the clear cup twice per day under 24 hour lighting. The seedling has no taproot and collects it’s moisture through the leaves until root forms. About 2 weeks and you can pot up.

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No lights, warm dark place…wifi cabinet works well

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