Germinating shenanigans

Following ilgm germinating instructions. I came a cross a few questions;

  • How long does the tail (two root ) need to be for me to take them out of the water ?
  • Does lighting matter? Can I leave them near my window or should they be left on a darker room ?
  • How long can my seeds float around the water before being considered unusable?
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Have them in a dark warm spot. No light.

After a day if they r floating just tap with finger to make sink.

I wait for 1/4 to 1/2 inch tap then set in starter plug. Or in soil in dixy cup.


Welcome to the I❤️GM!! @BetrayedSoul has you covered. If the seed hasn’t popped in 24 hrs I transfer to a wet paper towel and put in a ziplock bag. I blow up the bag a lil and seal. Place back in darkness and check in around 18hrs.


I as of now have transferred the seeds to a plate with a damp paper towel in a dark room like you suggested. One of the seeds seemed to have stayed at the top but after a few pushes it sunk so I transferred it as well.

I also have two other seeds that I started germinating on the same day but these seeds I chose to go the paper towel method from the get go (one of them has cracked and has a small little tap root ). I intend to put them in the red cups as soon as their tap roots grow at least half an inch (last time I transferred my seeds when the tap root was too small and I feel like that and multiple other factors messed with the fragile little thing


Sounds good. Make sure seed is inbetween a few layers so it is covered also.

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I have this one more question. I have this one light it’s a full spectrum cob led light 1000w with a Veg & Bloom knob . Should I put my seedling on 18/6 light schedule or can I go 16/8 last seedling I thought was showing signs of too much light.

Usually if light is to much you just raise light. To close can cause problems.

What is the brand and name of light.

No clue I bought it off amazon wasn’t too cheap.

I would find a name on it and look it up. Should be listed heights for veg and bloom to hang it at by the manufacturer

Thank you you have been of breast help. Have a good day!

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I might add here a little trick. Get a sheet of very fine sand paper and CAREFULLY score the side of the seed. This will help it to absorb moisture and crack open.