Germinating Issues....I guess

I am a fairly experienced grower who is now having a problem getting “things” above ground. I am using a few different seeds, all from quality suppliers (your AG Kush) . I have started approx 30 seeds (all feminized) and have 3 GREAT looking starts, and 27 containers with high $$ soil(coco-loco), and nothing else. 10% germination. I water (usually spray) approx once every 2 days after planting…maybe more w/ distilled or rain water, under a 3 speed standard light set-up (HPS) 500-750-1000w. Temp is range 68F during 6 hour OFF LIGHT, and 75-79F, during 18 HR ON LIGHT. RH is 40% ± 10% . Some seeds were presoaked for 24-36 hrs, and had noticeable tap roots…still nothing from soil.

The 3 that did come up are GREAT looking…but again 10% germ is not so great.

Any ideas?

Humidity should be raised to 65% at least

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FYI - this is an indoor grow, I incorrectly listed this question under outside.

To achieve that RH level (65%) would require closing of space, which with 1000w lighting then causes temp to be 85F…or slightly higher, which works against my RH. I have a 600W full range LED, but between my 2 light choices, non-LED seemed to work better.

Should I: Bring on less expensive ($$), lower heat 600W full spectrum LED in place of 1000W HL/HPS , and close room up to increase RH?

You can add an extra fan to add more air movement that will help with temps and humidity

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I have at least 1 fan running during the 18 HR light period, and sometimes another fan also pulling hot air from room, plus a VSD (200-400 cfm) scrubber. I am moving air. BTW - ph of soil is 6.0-6.5 and looks as good as it cost.

What size is the one that runs during 18 hour period

12" table oscilating. Don’t know cfm, room is only approx 35 sq ft.

How long ago did you plant them and did you rinse coco prior to sowing your seeds?

Have you tried heating pad under your pots? seeds like warm and low light to germ I tend to put mine in peat pellets in a covered container and place on top of my cable box or heating pad to start them. Very indirect light but warm slightly above 70f at the roots


@Donaldj, thank you im at work righvnow and cant really keep coming back, can you continue to help out till I get back

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@Ranger how many days has it been since the three popped up

The three came up approx 3-6 weeks ago…1 at a time. All were water-soaked and planted at same time. They are now in 5 gal pots and doing very well.

Q: when do you call planted seeds not coming up, DOA?

@Ranger I know it one time I had over a week and a half and nothing was coming up and I actually dug the seat back up and it still had wrote coming out of the shell but it ended up taking about three weeks I would take one of them up and see what it’s doing if it died or if it’s just taking a sweet time I know it’s a real pain to have to dig through and find one of the seats but that was the only way I was able to figure out what was going on two of mine had died and one was just sitting there and ended up growing and I actually ended up being one of my biggest plants but two of them did die

Did all of them crack open before you planted them

Yes, most had cracked, although the last group I started directly in soil, no water-soaking. Those have been in for approx 2 weeks,others about 4 weeks (water soaked 24-36hr before) and same with oldest group at 6 weeks. I have never had this problem before and have been a huge advocate of soaking and waiting till tap root shows, but it does not seem to matter, neither is working.

C’man @Hogmaster lol read the thread from the start its not that long and there is only 15 posts.

@Ranger, if you can upgrade to an 18" oscillating fan that would work out greatly and as @Donaldj mentioned many consider using a heating…id use it over night cycle only though and this will likely help the germination process

I have never use that method before I’ve always been a paper towel with some mikros and put it in a baggie and put it in the dark for 24 to 36 hours you say you did pH your water for germinating or did you just use regular tapwater I’ve never pH my water for germinating of just use distilled water or tap water un PhD I would take one of them up because after six weeks you should have something and I’m afraid you may have lost a few but it doesn’t mean always but I dig one up that’s me personally because I’ve had to do it had to afghan that didn’t do anything in a bubble gum that took almost 2 1/2 three weeks before it came out of soil and like I said it ended up being my biggest plant

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Thanks, I have used a heated pad but only during initial stages, I will use it again.

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I will also do an autopsy on a couple and see what is there.

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One more thought in between you spraying them down are they staying moist if so maybe consider let them drying out just a tad to get some oxygen to the seedling and taproot, but dont let it get to dry, once it dries for an hour or two than mist them again, as to much oxygen for them could be harmful

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