GDP, Jack Herer, and Megamouth

I am starting a new cycle of kids! I have 2 different sources of GDP, some Jack Herer, and Megamouth soaking in water.

Details soon.




So far seeds seems strong. 1st GDP popped with 48hrs. 2nd GDP took around 4 days. Jack also popped with 48hrs. But the Mega-mouth which were freebies… are taking too long. Hopefully they will pop open.

So Seeds are in soil. Waiting for them to pop up!

I guess I should mention that 100% of the seeds from ILGM are the ones that all popped within 48hrs! Thanks for the strong seeds.

I hope to find the perfect pheno to clone and have a great run of flowers from an original MOM.

I can tell the ILGM seeds are of strong genetics. Most of them have already come up with their baby leaves showing.

The other GDP is slower. It is 1-2 days behind at this point.

The Megamouth finally popped and I put them in soil today.

Babies are doing well. Finally the megamouth is coming out of the soil. So I have all 3 strains now.

They are currently under fluorescent lights in pint size cups.

This is such a slow period in their cycle of growth.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Gobble til you Wobble!

Babies are all still doing their thing. Most have 2 sets of leaves.

I will start transplanting into 3 gallon pots in the next week or so. Then I’ll take some photos.

Here are the first of many pics to come.


Jack Herer:




Here are a few more pics. The Megamouth has really big fan leaves. GDP #2 also has fan leaves that are big and overlapping. Everything seems to be doing well.

Both the Megamouth and GDP #2 are from the same seed bank.

GDP #1 and Jack Herer are the seeds from ILGM.

GDP #1:

GDP #2::

GDP #3:


Jack Herer:

UH-OH!!! what’s this? Anyone know what’s going on here?

Here are my first issues:
GDP# 2:

Jack Herer:

When I shut off the charcoal filter, my room smells fantastic! :grinning:
Tonight I will take a few clones and put them under 8 hours of light in order to get some quick samples. Then I can thin the herd a bit! :family_man_woman_boy_boy:

I’m hoping I can have samples within 6 weeks! :plate_with_cutlery:

Well, it’s been a good month. I decided to switch the light to 12/12 about 1 week into the 8 hour regimen.

All my samples have now shown their sexes and my ratio was 75% females. I am going to keep one of my males so I can do a seed run in the future. But now I will have a few samples to talk about hopefully within 6-10 weeks. Once the samples are done I can figure out which ones to keep and which ones are just so-so and should be tossed.

I will say that all of the seeds from ILGM were females!

Here is one of the GDP’s from ILGM. It’s got a great structure!

I suppose I should mention that this is one of my first clones from the 18th of Dec. They took around 2 weeks to root in 1" cubes and they are now rooted in 4" cubes. They are just now starting to show more white hairs. I saw my first male on the 11th and pulled it down. I do not think there are any more(I hope).

My reservoir solution is RO along with Cal-Mag, Silica, Micro-Grow-Bloom, and B1 all at 6/10 of a teaspoon per gal. I will bump that up this week a little. The pH is constantly monitored and usually sits at 5.9 all in a flood and drain set-up. I have 600W LED lights that are on dimmers. They are set at 30%.

I have the moms currently cut back and popping out branches for me to clone in the future. I am keeping all of them along with the best male from one of the GDP’s in soil inside a separate tent.

I was fortunate to get a female in each set of seeds, so I have different females to pull clones from. I really love knowing that I have plants that are in veg and have never been flowered out, which will result in fantastic clones as long as the genetics are of good quality.

I can say I have a winner in my book as of today. She already has a sweet smell to her on Day 25. She is showing a great structure and happens to be one of the ILGM seeds of GDP.

Here is some eye candy for ya!

1 week later: