Gaia Green All purpose, and Gaia Green 2-8-4 UK alternatives

I’ve been using liquid nutrients to feed my plants, and regardless of how much, or little I use, the plants always react badly to it, or don’t seem to come out as good as what they should.
I wanted to get some Gaia Green, as I subscribe to a certain youtuber that always uses it, and gets good results.

The problem is, the only way I seem to be able to buy it is by paying like £100 per 2KG tub on ebay, as I live in the UK.
Does anyone know a decent alternative? Or where I can buy some for a decent price in the UK, even if I have to order it from elsewhere?

Cheers guys!

Have you tried the FF Trio? It’s actually dynamite when used at 1/2 strength throughout
the grow. Feed 1/2 strength dose of recommended feeding every 3rd watering. It’s been
fantastic for me. I just thought I mentioned it because everyone wants to see successful grows.


I bet your local stores have dry amendments of 1 sort or another the key is to mix to a ratio of roughly 8 4 4 for veg and 4 8 6 during flower you’ll need about 20 tablespoons for veg and 22 tablespoons for flower( usually spread between to feeds)

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I’ll take a look. Do you get it from amazon?

What do I ask for? Just dry amendments?I thought it was 4-4-4, and mix with 2-8-4?

The Fox Farm Trio is:
Grow big
Tiger Bloom
Bloom Boost

These are liquid nutrients BUT as I stated before, dose at half strength every 3rd watering when your soil has depleted all it’s vitamins. Also available mostly everywhere
including amazon. (If you can PLEASE support a local home and garden center or a plant nursery near to your location. Don’t freely give your money to big tech)

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Okay, brilliant. Thank you dude. There aren’t any garden centers or other companies that stick this in the uk, for obvious reasons. But I really appreciate the guidance dude

Yup or dry fertilizers

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