Future grow question about setup and space

so im approaching the end of my first grow and im planning my second. I purchased 5 GSC extreme autos. My first question is how many of these autos can i fit in my tent with my setup for optimal yield/health. i have a 3x3 tent with a 4inch inline fan with carbon filter, 1 HLG 300 v2 quantum light. Many fans, tons monitoring equipment ect ect. I have everything i need just want to know how many i can fit in the tent and is their anything majorly different from autos to fem seeds that i should be aware before i start my first auto grow. Thanks!

I would only grow 2 in there. I grow in a 20"x36" tent and 1 plant fills it up nicely

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I vote 2 with a little bit of training spread them out.

I have 2 in my 3x3 and its looking great.

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