Fruity Pebbles. Fourth indoor grow


I’m new here…

Its a real interesting site… Just started my fourth indoor grow couple weeks ago. except for one plant. Its older than my seedlings. Its at least three weeks old. Senior citizen female. My stonington blend plus the aeration mix will be here Wednesday. Three days. Then I’m transplanting my 10 plants. Using mushroom compost as well and Stonington plant food. A little bootstrap for the soil and some liquid kelp for foliage spray as well.

All the plants are the same type… Fruity Pebbles. Some old seeds I had but I loved the weed. Being old seeds, it took forever to get them to germinate. I tried on about 40 seeds to get these 10 but they are growing beautifully… Hoping for about six females. I throw males away but this time I might make a foliage spray… I am totally organic with no chemicals.

Nice site but I can’t create a journal of this grow. The strain is required and Fruity Pebbles is not listed. Bummer…



Nice plants! Welcome…this is a great place to hang out.


:point_up_2: you just did Growmie. Welcome to the Grow Community :love_you_gesture: