Frist time germinating in DWC

Germinating seed for DWC , how should I go about it ? Rock wool or soil, if in soil how do I transplant to DWC ?

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Rockwool ATW. Why make it complicated.

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OK still a lil worried I soaked my seed as usual 24 hrs. But it didn’t sprout ,but I still put it in the
Rockwool , but just to be safe I just dropped another seed into water for another 24 , this ones going in soil. Any suggestions on the seed for the DWC . or just give it some time?:slight_smile:

Lil nervous

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the easiest way for a hundred percent success has always been to take seeds and put them inside of a paper towel folded over a couple of times semi soaked in water and then put into a plastic baggie and sealed up in the dark drawer about 2 days than she will have a tail on her and that’s when you decide to either sticker and some rock or into soil it’s entirely up to you but that’s a hundred percent success rate unless the seed isn’t worthy and if you’re sticking her in the soil just make sure you barely put it the tail down and leave just baraly top of the head of the seed and in a day or two she will jump right out of the soil…


Seeds do not pop in a day. It generally takes 2-3 days, and even longer if seeds were dormant for a longer period of time.

Personally; I never use the paper towel method,and I start 1000’s of seeds each season. Use your preferred medium and give it a chance.

If you are placing a seed in rockwool. it should be covered for 2-3 days without removing it, in order to keep the highest level of humidity. Do this and on day 3-4; You will have a strong sproout with roots already attached. Leave starter cubes open, and sprout prematurely launch out of the cube seeking the light before the roots attach firmly to the medium.


How is your grow? Just letting you know that we got the support forum back up and running :slight_smile:

If my rockwool is soaked good before I put the seed in,is there a need to check it in them 2-3 days to see if it needs more water or will the cube have proper moisture for 2-3 days?

I’m just going to put this question from a fellow grower in here:

I am struggling with my seedlings… they only come out till the four
leaves start to grow like 2cm and now it has started to like kind of
wilt the leaves… but I don’t know what to do, because I am using a
hydro system for my grow… I don’t know what to do…what is the best and
easiest way to start growing your seedlings ? From seeds to a (Clone size) plant…
water I use is sometimes rain water, but usually normal tap water… a
start with 18 hours of light a day… with a outside daylight bulb…I
dont feed them just give them water and light…
I use a LED Bulb… orange colour and the name of the bulb is Lumaglo…

Are you sure that the wilting is not coming from the light bulb being to close, or too hot? Wilting is usually attributed to heat from lamp, or seedling got too dry. Since you claim not to fertilize it yet, I left that factor out.