Friend needs help with spider mites and powdery mildew

My friend is halfway through flower and he is having major issues with powdery mildew and now spider mites and probably some other pests. Can anything be done to salvage his first harvest?


For the powdery mildew mix 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide with water and spray all the leaves. For the spider mites Capt Jack dead bugs spray the leaves top and bottom before lights out every day for a week then once a week can be used right up to harvest.


Yup @Deepsix has you covered. you have your hands full.


Call an exorcist for the spider mites. They’re like terminators. They absolutely will not stop.


@Soiled_My_Plants forgot he should also do a bub wash at harvest, unless he likes smoking bugs lol. Look it up on youtube.


I agree with @Dexterado . Spider mites are supernatural. I lost my last entire indoor grow to those critters.

After your friend harvests, make sure they thoroughly sanitize the tent and surrounding area. I had to set off a couple of bug bombs in the room where I have my tent. Also everyone gets a preventive treatment weekly.

Real bummer since it was four strains I had never grown before!


Thanks everyone. I’ll pass the info to him. Kinda sucks. This was his first grow. I just wasn’t sure that there was anything you could do since they are so far into flower. Hopefully he can try the things you all suggested and salvage it.


I struggled with spider mites over the winter. IMHO what you’re calling “powdery mildew” looks like spider mite damage on the leaves.

Capt Jack’s Dead bug sprayed thoroughly on the plant (even buds) and then follow-up treatment every 4 or 5 days after. Make sure there are good fans blowing on the plant to avoid bud rot.

Then a good multi-stage bud wash at harvest.

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