Fox tailing on every flower (genetics)

Hi everyone i have been gone for a while! I started a new grow with some genetics i took a gamble with and sure enough at end of flowering i started getting fox tails everywhere! Good thing is the flowers are looking very dense and frosty :+1: i did have some nutrient problems because i was at work alot and not home much but things are looking good so far! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am thinking a couple of weeks more! Then i will start another grow! HAPPY GROWING EVERONE!!


In my experience getting tops up into lights like that can cause some foxtails even on pretty sound genetics. I think in order to blame genetics for them you would want to see them on parts of plant that are further from lights.


@dbrn32 thank you! Ya she did have some stretch to her! I was out of town 4 night a week for work and was hard to keep up with her! The lower flowers are fox tailing to. I am comming back now and when i get home i will take some picks of the lower flowers also.