Fox farm trio schedule

So I started using fox farm trio nutrient grow big n big bloom an soon b tiger plant now I notice there are 4 different ones does anyone actually Kno witch one is the right one or at least decent btw I have 2 autoflowerr nL n 2 blueberry lemon haze n blueberry all autos

4 different what? Are you asking when to use each 1?

No no ghost grow I’m asking if anyone knows whiych one is the more correct. Because I’m using the feed chart n I notice there are 3 others so I was trying to know if I’m using the right one… I’m using half strength fox farm trio .I just trying to use a good method

I see . Wow stoner moment… lol thanks brother I got really confused like huh why is there 4 diff charts not realizing different levels differnts concoctions different results

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