Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Nutrient Addition

Do I wait 4-6 weeks to add veg and bloom liquid nutrients to FFOF? Can regular soil be used and add nutrients, minimally, from the seeding stage? Thanks, folks.

Yes, you should wait to add nutes id using FFOF. What do you mean by regular soil? If you mean soil without any nutes in it, then yes, you would add nutes to the soil early.


Yes, soil with no nutes. As in, what I’d get from my garden. Thank you for the help!

@raustin. Ever use promix? What’s the difference to FFOF? Do you seed soak?:sunglasses:

I would do a slurry test for pH and TDS of your garden soil to see what you have, and go from there. :v:

Yes, I’m using Promix for the first time in my current grow. The difference to FFOF is that it has no nutes at all, so you have to add everything which gives you much more control over it. Also it’s technically not soil, so you Ph it a little lower at around 6.1 similar to a hydro grow.

I always soak my seeds for one day and then put them into Rapid Rooters. I don’t do the paper towel thing.

I emailed FF and asked their customer service department. Don’t hesitate to run an issue by them as a second opinion - anyway they said that the first feeding in the ‘seedling’ stage should be when the second set of true leaves has opened, then start the veg at 4-5 nodes - both depending on plant health.

I tried it, it worked, and I have been using the FF nutes at full strength since, (liquid trio and the bloom crystals) in FFHF and FFOF soil, with the sledgehammer as recommended, etc. I have been ready at a moments notice to back off the nutes, but I enter week 9 (week 5 of flower) today with nothing but some minimal signs of nute problems on some old fan leaves. (oh, and some fat hairy flowers :wink: )

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