Fox farm feeding schedule

So on the fox farm feeding schedule it says that week one to use 6tsp/gal of whatever product and two feed 2 times a week with the nute solution,so my question is, that gallon of nute solution is it supposed to be for both feedings that other words would I only use half the gallon for first feeding and the other half for the second feeding of week

Well you don’t say how many plants you are watering or how old they are or if their in veg or flower. Really need more info.
I have plants that require more water than others. The plants will tell you so you need to learn how to read your plants. it’s all part of the art of growing
Pictures really help to.


I NEVER feed more than half dose. Yes, the schedule is just per gallon. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use half and save half. (I would suggest you shake the bottle a couple of times a day to keep it well mixed, or use a aerator.) Also, watering schedule for me is not a schedule. I wait till the plants “ask” for more water before I give them water or mixed nutrients. And don’t forget to PH the nutrient solution about a half hour after you mix it.