Fox Farm Family of nutes

I have the fox farm trio - big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, and i also have the fox farm trio of solubles - (OPEN SESAME, BEASTIE BLOOMZ, CHA CHING)

Is there anything else i should have in my nute tool belt? FF or some thing else.

im growing autos indoors - small and simple grow room. one plant at a time 300w led if it matters.

Follow their feeding schedule and make sure you flush at least as often as they recommend. Watch your pre and post feeding pH.

You’ll probably want sledgehammer or florakleen for that. It’s easier than using 3x-5x the container size worth of pH’d water.

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I’m at 6.5 going in but I never checked coming out.

What do I do?

Just water like normal, collect some run off, measure that… then adjust my water up or down?

If so how much to adjust?

If it comes out 7 do I just ph my nute water to 6 since my soil is .5 high or?

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That’s more or less what I do. I try to feed enough so I get a good amount of runoff, maybe a pint or so, to test. Then in my next feeding, I adjust like you said, but I try not to go under 6.2 going in. If it gets near or over 7 I just flush. How hard is your water? If it’s pretty bad like mine, you might see your pH swing pretty high requiring a flush, but FF has regular flushing in their schedule anyway.

My water is 6.7 out if the faucet. Not sure how hard/soft it is though.

You should invest in a TDS, or total dissolved solids, meter, and check it. This will affect how you should be feeding, mainly cal mag. I doubt you need to add much if you’re using tap water. But, especially with an auto, you don’t want to overfeed and stunt her.

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