Four week old looks sickly

It’s about four weeks old. Leaves keep yellowing.

ILGM feminized seed. In a coco mix from a Pot for a Pot. Now have a 150w led over it on 24/7. Watering only when it feels dry an inch down. In a basement closet with a small space heater on floor with thermostat to keep temp about 70 degrees.

What am I doing wrong please? Thanks.


Idk what kind of coco mix you have but most coco is watered every other day like bare minimum. My seedlings now are getting 10 ml per day and they are a bit over a week old. With coco you will find it very hard to overwater. I would say go to watering daily and try to water a outer ring around the stem to encourage roots to expand out more. I recently bumped my temps up in veg and saw some great growth spurts. I now run my tents in the high 70s to low 80s. Ive been told 85 degrees is the point of diminishing returns so i keep my inkbird set at 82 +/- 3 degree differential and it usually hovers about 76-78. I would say overall bump the temps up, water till runoff get some ppm and ph numbers so we can make sure your not having any nute lockout or anything. It really looks to be underwatered more than anything else but it never hurts to go thru the steps to make sure your lined up and headed in the right direction

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24/7 light is not helpful at all. It needs to rest. Also looks thirsty and hungry. Seems like is using and depleting her leaves nutrients. It looks roasted by so much light. Also the temp seems a bit low.

I believe it is ver hungry.

Everything I’ve read said 24 hoir light was ok (even preferable)

So how much light should it be getting?

How do i feed it and what do i feed it please?

Is your coco mixed with soil?

There is 1/3 super soil at the bottom.

She looks hungry to me that coco looks dry and if that’s all coco then there’s no nutrients in it to give the plants what it needs to survive. If it’s strait coco you have to give nutrients. Every one that Ive spoken to here says jacks 321. Easy it’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to mix the nutrients up. But that what I would do.and yeah give the baby some rest time. Having the light on all day dissent do anything for them good. That’s my opion. Can you go 24 hrs a day. You need to rest that’s when they grow. At least 6 hours. If that’s tho much for you then a minimum of at least 4hrs. Dark.


At least 18/6. That work for both. Auto flowers and photoperiod. The dark time is precious to a plant. It replenish energy and supply nutrients. Is magical. Just like sleeping is magical for us.

Do you have nutrients to feed ?

Like @Papo17 said Jacks 321 is very popular and easy to use and it won break the bank.


Should decide if you want to grow in coco or super soil. Doing both make it confusing on what to do when you see problems. Just my opinion.
Other than that I agree at this point with above. They are hungry because the roots have not reached the super soil yet.
Little shop of horrors FEED ME.


The P4P medium is a mix of coco and naturally aged/decomposed organic matter. This medium will feed the plant for 4-6 weeks with PH water only. With this being a mixed medium I would target a PH of 6.3/1000 PPMs. Go water only to run off and check the PH and PPMs and feed using the numbers above and depending on the vessel size this could be every 3 days or so :love_you_gesture:

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Jacks 321 look it up go on Amazon you can find good deals for it.

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Which one? There are many, but I don’t see a “3-2-1”. Thanks.

They have a few different types for tap water, ro water, the regular a and b blend, and finally some flower finishers. I have ro water but just use the regular jacks 321. If you want to start out and do a trial ebay is probably the cheapest route. Amazon is gonna be most expensive but you can get it within a week. Grow green Michigan is pricey on shipping and would take about 1-2 weeks based off their website and the last time i priced things out. My go to is amazon fast and easy and i was eager to get the nutes and get started but call your local grow shops. I know my local grow shop has the small 6 lb bags and even those will last you a while

What is “ro water” please?


Reverse Osmosis

I use an RO Buddy it a quick, easy, and cheap setup. You can find on Amazon.

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