Four 10 gal pots in 4 x 8 grow tent with 600 watt MH HPS

Should I use 5 gal fabric pots or 10 gal pots for Fem Gelato strain.

I like 7 gal fabric pots, to give you another option.

Kinda depends on how big you are going to grow the plants, if you’re looking for a quick sea of green type grow, no topping, 1 month or so of veg then flip to flowering then 5 gal (or even 3 gal) would be fine. If you plan on larger plants with a couple months veg, topped for multiple colas, then go larger. I feel the 7 gal ones are large enough.


Concur with @Hellraiser. I’ve vegged plant for 4 or 5 weeks and they’ve done fine in 5-gal. I’ve also gone as far as almost 11 weeks (current girls in flower) and I put them in 10-gal bags. 7 is probably good for grows where most people flip at 7 - 9 weeks.


Veg for 3 week go with 3gal
Veg for 5 go with 5gal
And so on

Cool thanks