3 or 5 gallon cloth pots

First grow I think I have most of it right but 1 question. 3 or 5 gallon cloth pots. For veg I have a 32"×32"×5’ tent 6" cloudline fan 240watt LED X light. Flowering tent is 4x4x8
8" cloudline fan SF4000 light. Your input is greatly appreciated. Fox Farms trio and Ocean blend.

photo or auto plants?

If it is auto, either would work, although I prefer the 5gal pots, alot easier to water in my opinion. they are about 12" wide, the 3gal are about 8-10 inches wide…

If its a photo, guess it depends on how long you veg it, and is more of a step up, re-pot kind of thing (1gal, to 3gal, to 5 or 7 gal, or something like that). I am more of an auto guy, so have little experience whith photo period…

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My first grow too, I’m doing 7 photo period seeds. And I’m about day 61 from sprout. I started in rapid rooters and then transferred to 1 gallon coco coir pots and solo cups.

From here I transferred into 3 gallon pots. Kept them there. I transferred 4 of them into 5 gallon pots. Time wise rapid rooter into solo cups 6/13/2020
3 gallon pots 7/5/2020
5 gallon to my 4 bigger sized ones on 8/11/2020
Now waiting for my 5 gallon fabric pots to arrive in mail. Hope this helps a little.