Found one seed in some stored bud

I’ve grown for a long time, and we have never found a seed before, but my wife found one today in some GDP I’ve had stored in mason jars for quite a while. I’m not very well versed on what to expect from it should it happen to grow. Any thoughts? I’m going to try to germinate it. Will it be fem, or just 50/50. I still can’t believe she found one.

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If from a nanner, it is likely fem. But may be prone to more nanners, if it was from one.


Ah, well I guess I’ll try anyway. It was a big seed, but kind of light colored.


So one of my favorite smokes came from a bag seed. I kept it as a mother for clones, so its worth growing imho…

When you grew it, was there other stains growing with it?
Or had you had any plant from previous grows hermi or male?
Pollen can stick around and finally land on a pistol the next grow…

Just asking to figure out possible crosses, or if it was self pollinated :thinking:

I only grow one plant at a time which is probably why I’ve never had a seed before. This was a granddaddy purple all by itself, so it did it on its own. I got 9 oz. dry off that plant. Still have probably 6 oz. left. Maybe I’ll find another one, but I doubt it.