Found bug while looking thru microscope

Hi guys,

what you suggest to do? Top part of the plant looks ready to harvest but bottom part is not ready at all - lots of white.
what you guys think is the best to do? Any thoughts about that insect? Wtf is it? is it eating all my white shit? O.o

Is it possible to harvest top part of the plant and wait for the bottom to get ready?


In this stage I don’t recommend to use any insecticide on her.

Looks like thrips and a black human hair.


Thrips? You can buy yellow strips to slow down their life cycle! D. Earth around the buds/stem to help locate them easier and keep your leaves safe! Wind? They seem to lose balance and fall off your plant(s). Some run off to hide in the soil as well! May I suggest Nematodes? Mr. Robert Bergmann wrote an article about how Nematodes can really kill the life cycle of moist soil insects. Such as, thrips and fungus gnats! Pot popper on amazon? Seems user friendly due to ease of storage! Good luck my friend! This is Spartaaaaaa!:slight_smile: NEVER GIVE UP!!! :smile:

your lady is ready to harvest at any time now so I wouldn’t be overly worried unless other plants are further behind at this point harvest could be days away depending on level of amber you want