Found a great source for organic minerals

I just had a very long conversation with the gentleman running NatrualFindsBySTeve on ETSY.

He has Bloodmeal in abundance (Bovine and Porcine mix), Iron, Potassium and will
do custom mixes by request. I asked for bloodmeal with an Fe-DTPA enrichment so I don’t
overload the soil with nitrogen. He said ‘No problem’. So if you’re in need of a new source
to cook your own soil or thinking about going all organic, we have another outlet we can
turn too.

The quantities are small enough for the little guys and big enough for you Cannabis
Old McDonald’s Farmers out there. E I E I O.


Lmao eieio

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This ran me $7 bucks including shipping AND a sample of GA-3 for seed
propagation. Can’t wait to try it.

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