For Liver and Bone Cancer

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“My husband has liver and bone cancer. I’m trying to find out what marijuana plant will be the best for him. He only have between three to six month according to his doctor. I need something for pain, anxiety and sleeping.”

Any thing with high cbd ratios will help your husband @Niala is a good guy who can talk you through this. Im sorry to hear about your husband.

Something good for anxiety, sleep, and pain would be like white widow, chronic widow, and any thing indica dominant will help with sleep.

Also our gold leaf here would help with all 3 of these and is a very easy plant to grow


So sorry to hear what your family is going through along with what @Majiktoker said I would also recommend their CBD oil you can’t go wrong with the chronic widow the white widow goldleaf everything is the best genetics i’ve been helping my mother who is diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago I don’t think you can go wrong with anything from ilgm are prayers are with you and husband and family I would highly recommend joining the forum we can get you through the successful start to finish grow


Dear costumer, i’m very sorry to hear about your husband conditions , I send you my best wishe to you, your husband and your family…

In the time frame of 3 to 6 months the doctor say he as left it’s hard for me to recommand that you can grow something, he need help now, not in the 3 to 4 months that a growth will take…

So, here some strains with very high CBD content (as much as 20:1 ratio)

Charlotte’s Web

Those strains are renown for their ability for seizure but, also have cancer fighting capability shown in laboratory…

Other strains that have a 1:1 ratio are use to fight cancer as well since THC demonstrate some cancer fighting capability too. Here they are

Stephen Hawking Kush
One to One
CBD MediHaze

You can also try CBD oil, this site sell a 5% one… In Canada, we have access to 20% CBD oil extract that work great for me in combination with some 1:1 and Home grown Chocolope from ILGM for my chronic cluster headaches…

You most probably can find all the strains listed here “ready to use” , including oil extract if you live in a country that give access to cannabis… Just “Google” them…:wink: or ask your local dispensary…

And I will had to the wonderful suggestions made by @Majiktoker and @Hogmaster, go with a pure indica strain like Afghan (ILGM have the seeds for this strain) for sleep aid…

Hoping that’s my modeste contribution is going to help you , my prayer is gone a be for you, your husband and your family and hoping for the best , and may God be with you in these difficult time…

~Al :pray::innocent:

P.s. I am not a doctor and I am closely monitor by a neurologist and my family doctor in the use of cannabis and this is my opinion and my own only and does not involved ILGM in anyway since it’s not a medical involved site… I or ILGM do not recommand any dosage and it’s a trial an error thing and every one respond differently to cannabinoïds.


Canna-Tsu is a great cbd strain my buddy gave me seeds great recomendation

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Thanks @Majiktoker , it’s appreciate and thanks for the tag :innocent::grinning:

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