Foliar feeding flowers

Is there any benefit to foliar feeding buds with liquid Kool Bloom? I was thinking of feeding the plants the usual 40/80 mix of nutrients, but foliar feeding them Kool Bloom. Has anyone tried this? My plants are at the end of week 5 flowering.

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@OldSkunk Personnaly, I keep the liquid KoolBloom for the medium I grow and Floralicious plus for foliar feeding :wink:


I haven’t seen anywhere that foliar feeding is recommended during flower. Usually the opposite, you don’t want to introduce anything that could possibly cause moisture build up.


Putting moisture of any kind during flower is not recommended. It can cause bud rot, mold and I’m sure there is more problems that it can cause. Keep it dry.


Like @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom said, it’s not recommand to do so, espacelly on the buds… I did foliar spray, and I mean only under leaves, not on buds, and very early on the light schedule question to the application to have time to evaporate… Honestly, it’s a pita…

Again, it’s not recommand to do so, @skgrower

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