Flushing schedule

How Many times do you flush after the First time?? Per week or just the one time?? And do you Have to Harvest After the recommended 2 weeks?
I flushed 2 times (ran water twice through her same day). Then a week later and plus had to give water during the week. Now she sits until I See she’s ready. Should I wait a little longer until I see a lot more than just Milky buds but Amber??

I flush using a TDS meter to determine level of salts remaining in the substrate. This is one step many growers neglect. When doing soilless you really need to flush, especially in coco. Soils like FFOF list intervals to flush at like transition etc.

If flushing ahead of harvest I run soil down below 250 ppm, soilless and hydro under 100 ppm.