Flushing questions for group

It’s been 24 days since I gave any nutes to this plant just using distilled water. With that in mind is it normal that the leaves are still so green and I’m not seeing any yellowing yet?

You would think after 24 days, no nutrients, you would see some leaves fading. What soil are they planted in? Any chance your soil has nutrients in it, something like happy frog or ocean forest ?

It’s just regular old potting soil you can buy anywhere but it’s been in the same soil since it was planted so I figured any nutes in the soil would be used up by now

Check ppm next watering. That will give you a idea on what is in the soil.:v:

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I would bet that your soil has some time release nutrients in it. Usually they are small pellets that dissolve over time, and pretty common in big box store potting soils.

@dbrn32 if he did plant them in time release soil, is there any chance for a flush ?

Maybe. It would depend a lot on how long the soil was designed to feed for and how long it has been around. Flushing could just cause an excess release of nutrients and not fully dissolve them.

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Soil up to 6 months feed. Auto, 85 days in. Some brown trichomes.
There is def still the slow release in there. I’m assuming it may have to be harvested without a flush. I don’t know. I have this issue where I ran out of good soil and planter the extra seeds on miracle grow…without thinking of the flush. Ironically the plants in the mg grew very large and look great.
I guess I will just harvest without flush, cut down even on water.
@dbrn32 if I have any other suggestions that would be awesome, thanks !

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I don’t ever really flush my plants anyway. But I don’t use the time release nutrients either. Imo you are probably damned if you do or don’t, so i wouldn’t worry about it too much. Try to get a nice slow dry and cure and see what you end up with.

This is more the issue now than getting plants to grow in stuff like miracle grow.

Well said. I agree, my plan is just to get the best results with what I have. I don’t plan on growing more in mg, I’m Hoping to get a good cure.

I treated them diff from other plants from the beginning by just watering them and never adding any nutes except one mag feed. They grew larger then expected and did really well. again
I took a small branch off to test dry and cure, I guess we shall see. Thanks for your help.

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