Flushing Input Please

Hey All
In the 15+ yrs that I have been gardening and about 10 yrs that I have been growing cannabis, I have never used a flushing additive. I would normally just stop nutrients and feed plain ph’ed water for the last 10-14 days…I have always had stellar outcomes doing things this way.

This time I bought 250ml of AN Flawless Finish and plan on using it on my two white widow plants to see the difference…I want to see what the hype about flushing additives really is!

Anyway my question is, should I ph my flushing liquid or not?

And how many of us growing in soil use some kind of additive for flushing?

Thanks For The Input
Cheers :beers:

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@Iloveindica i’ve actually been told the same thing by many people that use additives for flushing I’ve tried both and cannot tell a difference I do like you do about 10 days to 14 days before harvest I just pH the water stop feeding it nutrients I will not go any other way

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Here’s a whole bunch of stuff on the topic good luck and keep us posted with your results! :thumbsup:


You always PH. 15 years experience… In a friendly way…C’mon man! LOL :slight_smile:

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I don’t even know what you are trying to say…

But to make myself clear…YES in the 10 ish yrs I’ve been growing cannabis I ALWAYS ph my water (except the first couple years when I didn’t really know poop).
In the 15 yrs I’ve been gardening I’ve never ph’ed water…only a couple times when I grew tomatoes in DWC.

Cheers :beers:

I have flawless finish but I was just going to flush without I got told its cleaner smoke that way but I’m a noob and wouldn’t know if that is true or not

Have you ever heard of adding brown sugar to water only during the flush?

No I have not

I have never flushed. the closes I come is water last two maybe three days. Everybody likes my smoke… What a plant takes in it uses or stores, can not flush it out.

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@McDaver I’ve personally never flushed my plants it’s taste the same if you flush it so it’s practically a waste of time in my opinion other people will say different but I know that there are a few of the staff members that will agree and other members Of the community

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Sunday greetings from West Britain
I am 2 weeks (apx) from finishing my sunshine/greenhouse grown Bergmans Gold Leaf Auto, can you please tell me if Flushing before hand is the accepted practise ?
Also do I keep them deprived of light for 48hrs before the axe falls ?
I thank you in advance

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Greetings and salutations from across the pond @James68. Hope things are well and not too wet for you.
Flushing or straight ph d water for 10-14 days has not failed me yet. :+1::grin:
It depends more on the type of grow you did. If more organic then like @Hogmaster no flush necessary but if using a bottled regimen then definitely give them the rinse.
I’ve done the 48 hrs dark a few times and it helps to slow the uptake of nutrients. Makes for smoother smoke / vape etc.
Hoping your day is blessed in West Wales my friend. Peace. :wink::v:

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Top O’ the Mornig to you Oldguy
It has finally stopped raining after almost 3 weeks of rain that felt like cold wet lead, and I await the polar winds of winter with girded loins and a big bag of buds.
I am an organic grower so your info is very helpful indeed .
Its noon here and time for my Sunday pipe, did you have a good growing season ?
You are up in Canada if I remember correctly
Everyday is bendigedig (Welsh for Blessed) and I wish the same to you :man_farmer:
Time for a pot of tea and Northern Lights !
Peace to you and yours :wink::fallen_leaf:

After suffering major bud loss each grow season and unable to control the RH% in my double glazed greenhouse I followed Prince33 advice and bought a dehumidifier here in the damp western UK.

This de-humidifier has a built in Sterilising Ioniser made by Samsung which kills the Botrytis spore and you can recycle the water it pulls out of the atmosphere.

I usually lose enough bud to black mold every year to what this cost me.


Amazon.com: Meaco Zambezi 8-Liter Desiccant Dehumidifier, Small and Quiet…


Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier (is a Which? Best Buy)

Our best selling desiccant dehumidifier designed with the help of our customers! What others have been saying:“Possibly the world’s best dehumidifier”

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I forgot to mention, I seem to have stopped bud rot for the 1st time with this dehumidifier :star_struck:

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My outdoor this year was a bit disappointing with only 2 small revegged autos. 1 1/2 oz. But my last indoor from the spring was great. Enough to carry me thru till next outdoor season and then some. Just started a new indoor a few weeks ago and they’re growing like weeds. Lol.
Trying 4 different strains this time for some variety of flavours and effects.
Glad to hear that the rot is gone since ur dehumidifier came into play. I have the other way ( too dry ) 30-35% rh.
Great for flowering but not so for the earlier veg phase. Cest la vie. We adapt to our own situations. I hang a few wet towels to bring mine up to about 50% or so and seems to work ok.
Congrats on the upcoming harvest and enjoy the northern lights with your tea.
I’m going to have a bit of Frisian dew with my morn coffee and get my day started. Peace for now :wink::+1::v:

well alright ! …may I ask where you are apx on the east coast ?
I am on 51.736328 lat

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Northern Nova Scotia bout 20 mins from the shore. We can see Prince Edward Island from the shore line on a clear day.
Summers are usually fantastic but winter storms from the NE will usually sock us in with the white stuff.

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we are practically neighbours !
I get same weather as you minus the white stuff…I wanted to go down to the southern hemisphere this winter but the Missus is not keen …whats a poor boy to do ?
Is the Duck a decent smoke ?

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From the sounds of things you already have your mood enhancer pretty close to harvest. :joy::joy::v:
I’ve got the dew not the duck.:wink: Seriously good smoke over all. Nice 50/50 hybrid. Good lift and decent pain relief. And from what I understand the only difference between the dew and the duck is the shape of the leaves.